Just when we thought that Connaught Place will never probably move past the same old lounge vibe that is made for the typical ‘Dilli ki party-sharty‘, we were proved wrong with the introduction of the new Smoke House Deli. But what really set things apart for us is this new three tiered space in Janpath; Tourist, and it might just become our new CP favourite.

The space offers private party areas, food from over 40 countries across the seven continents and a rooftop to die for {once the smog clears out maybe}. Cool graffiti, airport style signages, a mini train running over your heads and even hostel style bunkers are just a few elements at Tourist that we got a preview of, and we were impressed to say the least.

What makes the deal sweeter is the promise of unique experiences on each level; the private party area is set to have a beach-style setting and a dedicated dance and private party area, and the mid level is designed for regular diners {but with a mix of elements from across the world}, and the rooftop is the biggest we’ve seen in CP.

We’ll be dropping in again to check it out soon, thouh if you already have, do tell us about it!

Featured photo source: Tourist Janpath