This NGO Is Making Delhi's Street Food Hygienic & Yummier

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While we have always been proponents of messy street chaat rather than the mall-bought sterile variety, it’s heartwarming to see that a Delhi NGO is trying to make our lives a little more hygienic. 

The Better India recently covered the One Rupee Foundation, whose aim is to distribute gloves to street food vendors, allowing us to indulge, without worrying too much about our health and hygiene. According to the report, “they have distributed about 2,000 gloves, with each vendor getting about 20 pairs. After 15 days, they will go back to the vendors and take their feedback, based on which the team will take the distributions forward.”

Tarun Bharadwaj, one of the founders of One Rupee Foundation, told the publication, “We came across many vendors who were preparing food without gloves. This is why we thought of distributing the transparent hand gloves used by many food sellers and cooks in restaurants, so they can maintain hygiene when preparing food.” They believe that this is a major step towards better hygiene and prevention of diseases, and we have to agree.

So all of you and your finicky friends—go ahead and try that chuski without worrying about falling sick the next day. While it’s currently happening only in Rohini, it’s expected to spread to the rest of the city soon.

Read the full story here.


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