By Kartik Mahajan

If you were there last year and you’ve booked your tickets for this year, today probably isn’t a regular Tuesday for you. Tomorrow is unlikely to feel like Wednesday and I assure you, you will get no work done once it’s Friday. The whole week is simply a formality. A countdown so to speak. A daydream that lasts a whole week. That is, until, some of the coolest artists from India {and Noori and Mutemath} take the stage at NH7 Weekender this coming weekend.

Going to a music festival can be an incredibly chaotic experience. So many stages – so little time. So many bar counters – such long lines, such a massive venue – such uncomfortable shoes. Yup. It happens.

Simple things to remember :

  2. Something warm for when the sun goes down
  3. Junk/cheap sunglasses if you intend on getting into a mosh pit
  4. Drink lots of water
  6. Don’t be an a-hole to other festival goers. Smile!


So, Delhi people… Presenting our picks of what you shouldn’t miss, when and where.

Day 1 | 30th Nov

Dhruv Visvanath | MTS Other Stage |  3 pm

Ok let me lay it down straight. If you’re going to flex your Delhi Time Flexibility Factor {yup just made that up} you are going to miss one of the best acts in the country. You know how you look at pictures of people sitting in the park listening to mellow music in the sun sipping on wine? Yup this is the moment to do that. Get there on time and catch a brilliant self taught musician.

Swaggamuffin | Breezer Dub Station | 4:05 pm

He has been around a couple of years now and I have never not had a fantastic time every time I have heard him. You think dubstep is all noise and no groove. Go watch Swaggamuffin… he will probably change your opinion and have you exhausted from all the jumping up and down you will do.

Bombay Bassment | Red Bull Tour Bus | 4:30 pm

This is just such an interesting sounding ensemble that it would be a shame to not check them out. With such a melting pot of cultures forming this band, it is unlikely to be a waste of half an hour.

Prateek Kuhad Collective | MTS Other Stage | 4:40 pm

I recall watching these guys last year as well. Yes, that is a good thing considering I don’t remember most of what happened that year. Their sound has evolved a whole heap, they have a new album and Prateek himself sings brilliantly.  If Bombay Bassment ain’t your thing, the maybe Prateek Kuhad is and he has a brilliant back up band too.

Frame/Frame | Breezer Dub Station | 4:50 pm

Frame/Frame is a new artist and is simply fantastic. Check out his video for the first single called ‘Pastels‘ off of his first EP ‘Swimmers’. Inspired dubstep and electronica, this is approximately the time of the evening when you will need a fresh drink to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Noori | The Dewarists | 5:20 pm

They are a Pakistani band that have been around for close to 2 decades now. If you have heard them on Coke studio already then I know you’re probably headed to this stage. If you haven’t but are still a fan of Indie rock then head to this gig.

Spoonbill | Breezer Dub Station | 5:35 pm

Now I know there are a number of recommendations for artists performing on this stage and that is because they are all acts that well worth watching and losing your mind to. Few of us have probably seen Spoonbill live already considering that he is from Melbourne. He is a world renowned sound installation artist too and in my opinion that is proof enough that he can play sneaky freak with your mind too.

Shiva Soundsystem | Eristoff Wolves Den | 6:20 pm

Drum n Bass aficionados! These guys are musicians with an old school sound and a new school temperament. If you been following the Dewarists then you’ve already seen what one half of this duo can do thanks to Prashant Mistry aka Engine Earz. Your legs are probably gonna start hurting after this one.

Lucky Ali | The Dewarists | 7 pm

This is as close as you’re getting to Lucky. Daft Punk isn’t coming. An Ali that needs no introduction. Get there early is my advice.

Benga | Eristoff Wolves Den | 7:40 pm

This guy can bring you to your knees. A pioneer in the dub-step arena, he is actually now veering away from the pure hardcore dub-step that is usually an acquired taste. This will be a very very interesting gig and certainly not to be missed. Benga has traditionally performed with long time collaborator Skream but they are doing different things now and it sounds exciting.

Nucleya | Eristoff Wolves Den | 8:50 pm

He is the co-founder of the Bandish Project from the 90’s. He has a new album out and he is a bass hungry mutha-fuckin monsta! If you want to dance and if you can’t decide what act to watch at the end of the day, ‘Nucleya bole F*** that shit’ .

Meshuggah | Bacardi Arena | 8:30 pm

So a metalhead says to me that these guys are the grooviest and the most aggressive modern metal bands ever. He was greeted with a blank stare and then he proceeded to say that even if you aren’t a metal head, you should check them simply because they are apparently that unique. This is a phenomenon described by metal heads as destruction and the apocalypse. {Disclaimer : you’re unlikely to understand the actual words but that’s extreme metal for you}


Day 2 | 1st December

FuzzCulture | Red Bull Tour Bus | 3:20 pm

First up, these guys are one of my favourite acts in the country at the moment. They are a hell of a duo with such an evolved sense of music thanks to how passionate they are and the sheer number of other bands play with. I must confess I am a bit skeptical about this whole tour bus and playing on a bus {yea thats the broad idea behind the Red Bull Tour Bus} but I will head to this one simply because it’s Fuzzculture playing.

Sandunes | Eristoff Wolves Den | 3:30 pm

If FuzzCulture is too much for you to handle the moment you arrive and if you’re still recovering from the previous day, based on her debut album, Sandunes is a great  alternative act. Downtempo and fluid transitions made the first EP an enjoyable listen.

Dry the River | The Dewarists | 4 pm

There is a very strong and very legit possibility that you are either sick of all the electronica you’ve been bombarded with or don’t like electronic music to start with. If you fit the description then your evening should be spent watching Dry The River who are from England. With sunset just about commencing when these guys start their set, this is should be absolutely beautiful. Cuddle up with your significant other and soak up the folk rock.

Nishchay Parekh | MTS Other Stage | 4:50 pm

He has been a part of a number of bands before and is based in Calcutta{I refuse to say Kolkata, sorry}. He has recently armed himself with a music degree, has a new album out and is touring extensively. I would go and catch and his gig just because. Yup… just because! Listen to the album if you can. It’s a pleasure from start to end.

J. Viewz | Eristoff Wolves Den | 4:50 pm

If Nishchay Parekh is not really your style and if you like your music louder and more of a spectacle, then head to watch J.Viewz. This guys has managed to connect potatoes and other vegetables to his electronics and make music. I kid you not. He is a fuckin’ genius regardless of whether or not you want to hear potato music. This should be fun.

Kailasa | The Dewarists | 5:30 pm

The powerful voice that is Kailash Kher and the music of brothers Paresh and Naresh who are also Hipnotribe on their own, along with 5 other members, is Kailasa. If cross genre classical, sufi and some mainstream flavour is what you dig then this band is not to be missed.

We Were Promised Jet Packs | Red Bull Tour Bus 6 pm

Are you or have you ever been a fan of the TV Shows One Tree Hill or Sons of Anarchy. Yes? Go watch them! Plus with a name like that, do you really want to miss a couple of Scots making some noise on a bus that thinks it has wings?!

Michal Menert | Eristoff Wolves Den | 6:10 pm

Electronica aficionados!  Hear ye Hear ye! Lord Menert is town and he beckons all your souls to float forth towards the pretty lights at ten past six in the pm.

MUTEMATH | Bacardi Arena | 6:30 pm
Now why the hell MUTEMATH isn’t the final closing act is beyond me. Besides that, forget about everything else… MUTEMATH is here. See you there!!

Kill Paris | Eristoff Wolves Den | 7:30 pm

One the most interesting new sounds to come out of LA, a producer with some serious skill. If you like being ‘wowed’ then check out Corey Baker a.k.a Kill Paris post MUTEMATH.

Chic feat Nile Rodgers | The Dewarists | 7 pm

Like your share of the guitar? Don’t miss these guys if you are still alive after MUTEMATH.


The festival closes with The Karsh Kale Collective that needs no introduction along with the NH7 All Stars. If you remember what that was like last year, I know you’ll stay for this. If you haven’t seen this grand spectacle before then you really should stay on till the end and watch this. It’s a melting pot of everything you have seen over two days all together.

Hopefully, everyone is going to have a blast and there are going to be no untoward incidents. Like I said earlier, just don’t be an a-hole to other party people and there will be no fighting. Imagine.

NH7 Weekender will take place on the 30th of November and 1st of December. Check out their website for all details.