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What Makes It Awesome

Picture this - tall palm trees, clean beaches with a breathtaking coastline, rejuvenating G&T in a slender glass and truckloads of sunscreen. Pretty refreshing, right? And do you remember the days of eating a popsicle and sitting on picnic blankets with your family, letting sunshine soak in? If that’s taking you down memory lane, you need to check out this surreal brand, Nicobar. The brand, which also has an online presence, shouts beaches, summers and some cool ocean breeze. 

If you tumble across Nicobar, you'll find a wide collection of beautiful apparel for both men and women, jewellery and accessories, tastefully crafted home decor and more. Trust us, once you're on their website you are bound to end up filling your shopping carts like crazy because of the marvellous stuff these guys have. 

Comfortable fashion is something Nicobar strongly believes in. Their collection for women includes breezy tops, blouses, dresses, pants and elegant ethnic wear as well. We particularly love their whites and the pleasing aesthetic of these looks, and white never goes out of style! Their stunning men's collection is to die for. Everything from airy kurtas to smart jammies, to striped shirts - they've got it. Nicobar offers minimalist clothing options that are functional, voguish and cool, all at the same time. Moving on to their accessories, they've got a charming collection of gold-plated chains, nature-inspired earrings & pendants and cutesy pins that come in the shape of heart, crescent moon and stars. They also have a bunch of fashion-forward headscarves, printed totes and other bags of different functionalities.

If you're planning to give your home a makeover or even you simply love adding artsy stuff to different corners of the house, you must check out Nicobar's collection of home decor products. We're talking Porcelain Petit Platters with African landscape inspired flower motifs and that kind of stuff. All prints and motifs are inspired by natural landscapes from different parts of the globe, adding to its uniqueness. Their crockery collection, in particular, is my absolute favourite because of the wonderful patterns and colours that they've used.

Summing it up, Nicobar is a gold mine for those who love to invest in traditional, handcrafted sensibilities with a contemporary touch that will help accentuate your wardrobes and homes. Oh, and also for those who live to travel. You can place your orders online through their websites or visit their physical stores in all major cities of the country.

Price: INR 215 onwards


If you happen to visit their flagship store in The Chanakya's, make sure you make a quick stop to grab a bite at their restaurant NicoCaara, a welcome collaboration between Nicobar and CAARA. All this after lockdown ends, that is. Check out their website for now and experience luxury at its best. 


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