Red Velvet Binge: Chandigarh’s Epic Nik Baker’s Just Opened Up A New Outlet In West Delhi

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When it comes to bakeries around town, Delhi has got the best of the lot. But there are some outliers, some out-of-town wonders that stroll in and take the cake {or, well, serve some up}.

Nik Baker’s, the legendary Chandigarh bakery, opened up in Delhi last year and we sort of lost it. We’d been fans of their red velvet cake and the German chicken hotdog for a while, and not having to wait for a road trip to get our hands on these delicious treats came as happy news.

Well, here’s a new development—they just opened another outlet, this time in West Delhi! Punjabi Bagh gets the best of it this time, and we say you make binge plans with the gang ASAP. Do not miss the New York Meat pizza—it’s full of bacon, ham, chicken and salami!

You’ll also find pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, burgers, croissants, pasta, and a massive desserts section. They open up at 9am, so you can head here for a great brekkie, too.


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