This Mother-Daughter Duo Does The Prettiest Phulkari Decor & Accessories

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What Makes It Awesome?

Nikieta Sharma and her mother create fantastic phulkari home decor. While Nikieta's mother handcrafts pieces from Jammu, Nikieta goes ahead and refines them back here in Gurgaon. Their brand Nikkiesha Crafts has everything from phulkari-embroidered table tops, wall art and scarves to mirror frames and lamp shades (who knew phulkari could be incorporated in decor too?!). This duo is super passionate about the revival of the lost art of Phulkari, and aims to educate coming generations on how expansive of an art form it really is. 

We like their wall art the most. This quirky brand has small and medium sized framed phulkari wall art pieces that would look super cute in the living room, or even in the bedroom. Maybe add a couple of wall art pieces that match the colour scheme of your room? Their art pieces can be defined as colourful, unique and playful.

You can also find vintage phulkari artworks that were made around forty years ago by Nikieta's mother (in case you're someone who likes collecting vintage artwork). Their price range starts at INR 700 (for their smaller pieces of artworks), and currently, they're retailing products from their Instagram page. Also, you can buy their products from the exhibitions they display at and if you're keen to know when and where they plan on exhibiting, you can follow them on Instagram. 

What Could Be Better

It would be nice of they had an offline store.

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