Up Your Makeup Game With These Super Sparkly Lip Glosses & Neon Eyeshadows

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What Makes It Awesome

You can't go any longer than 4 minutes without coming across a Euphoria-inspired look on Instagram; neon eyeshadow, glitter everywhere and LED lights if you have 'em. If you've been as amazed by those neon looks as I have, you've probably also looked for a makeup brand that makes products that fit the bill; that's how I found Niv Cosmetics, a cruelty-free and handcrafted beauty brand for all things bright and shiny.

Their neon pigments literally glow under a UV light and they're pretty bright under normal light, too. They come in a bunch of shades like green, yellow and pink that are also waterproof (perfect for when concerts are a thing again, too.) The pigments arrive in powder form so you can just add a few drops of water and they dry down pretty quickly on skin. The lip glosses are bright and with so many glitter particles, they'd work on their own and worn on top of matte lipsticks for that added sparkle. 

They can be ordered via their Instagram which also has tutorials and guides which I recommend you check out if you've never worked with such shades before.

Price: INR 275 for a lip gloss, INR 500 for neon pigments (set of 4)

What Could Be Better

Products go out of stock pretty quickly since batches are limited.


Want to go even brighter? They're introducing some new neon pigments soon to the current range of 4.


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