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    No Nasties' New Apiary Collection Has Us Buzzing With Excitement

    Maanya posted on 28 November

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Organic and fair trade clothing company No Nasties has just launched a brand new collection of comfy, cotton clothing and it’s the bee’s knees!

    Bee{n} Here Yet?

    No Nasties does lots of lovely basics, perfect for layering or even on their own. While we love their stress-free, feel-good T-shirts {for men and women}, we’re so excited about a more diverse collection – complete with jumper dresses, tunics, tank tops and hoodies.

    The collection is inspired by an apiary, or a collection of beehives, so obviously there’s lots of quirky bee motifs and honeycomb design elements.

    Nothing Nasty About This

    No Nasties is a slow-fashion company, one that celebrates all things pure, good and clean. Their clothes will make you want to hoorah for a happier cotton farmer, fabric that is completely natural and chilled out designs.

    We love their Wallflower Honeycomb scarf and their lets-you-breathe tunics, which we would wear with booties, a leather jacket and red lipstick. Also, try and stop us from adding their Wrap Skirt to our cart – we just can’t wrap our heads around the possibilities of styling this.

    Men, This Way

    Black, white and grey basic T-shirts {with just a tiny, quirky detail}, semi-formal shirts and hoodies that are perfect for Sundays – No Nasties’ has a limited but versatile men’s section as well. Priced reasonably, their pieces are perfect if you’ve been looking to add a little depth to your wardrobe.

    The No Nasties’ approach to fashion is wonderful – one that is caring, comfortable and even cool. Apiary manages to stay true to everything we love about them, so we’ll be over here, if you need us – spending all our money.

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