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    No Space Issues: These Guys Can Give Even The Smallest Balconies A Green Makeover

    Rene posted on 04 December


    Gurgaon-based landscape designers, Studio Earthbox, take tiny outdoor spaces, be it a dull balcony or a neglected terrace and turn them into a green haven… planters, creepers, pebbles, path and all. If you’re more hands-on than that, you can also just buy their handcrafted garden accessories and get to work yourself.

    What A Creep(er)

    Sunny balconies are a pick-me-up like no other but not all of us have the luxury of space. And the founders (two lovely, very understanding product designers) at Earthbox don’t think space is a problem at all. They optimise whatever little spot you can give them and fill it with ladder gardens, self-watering planters, railing pots and hanging greens. This approach to urban gardening makes us feel like our currently-unloved 1BHK deserves so much better. Of course, the before-after pictures of their makeovers are really promising and we have a reason to believe that they’re indeed wonderful at what they do.

    That ideal coffee corner with bae is literally just a shopping spree away if you can channel some Pinterest inspiration and design the balcony yourself. Browse through their collections and get kicking!

    So, We're Saying...

    Everyone can do so much better with good delegation. Let them create your dream patio or that terrace space if you don’t have the time and patience yourself (or no green thumb obviously). Or, we already told you where to find their container gardens, earth boxes, bird feeders, quirky planters, fences and more.

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