Noida Folks, This Farm Home-Delivers Healthy, Preservative-Free Veggies

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The Prodigal Cook Farm is helping Noida dwellers eat organic seasonal produce. The founders are growing everything using traditional farming methods so there’s zero chemical fertilisers involved. Rejoice, all you spinach-loading nutrition ninjas!

Just Beet It

Like all good stories, this one started with “we both loved food”. The “we” here referring to Neha and Puneet, the talented green thumbs behind this farm. As they went about cooking and enjoying everyday khaana, they realised that they had a family farm fertile with opportunities.

What started as an initiative to eat fresh from the farm at home soon gathered momentum as eager friends and family started requesting a piece of the pie. And last December, they opened the gates to everyone who wanted freshly-plucked sabzis. As word went out, not just friends of friends but healthy eaters from all over Noida started making a trip {because hey, it’s so much easier than driving up to Delhi for fresh supplies}. Since then, the Prodigal founders have started to share more radishes than ever.

Green Light To Green Living

What seems like an idyllic farmVille was actually never a smooth ride. The farm maali underwent intensive training sessions on organic farming and natural ecosystem revival before he was ready to take on growing number of orders. The land that had been used to chemicals had to be nurtured before it’d start responding to natural means. But like two good, persevering farm elves, Neha and Puneet kept at it and the results are for everyone to see {make a visit and you’ll know, guys}.

Over the past few months, Noida peeps co-ordinate with Neha on WhatsApp so their veggies are plucked the day they’re supposed to be delivered.

The founders now also host farm visits for children every Sunday where they can enjoy a day out in the sun learning a thing or two about where their tomatoes are coming from. So, what’s next? A farm kitchen. So much win.

P.S. The owners love doggies so feel free to let them know if your furball’s accompanying you.


So, We're Saying...

Get yourself added to Neha’s WhatsApp group {ping her on 9971812172} so you know what new veggies are being harvested on a particular day – and order away.

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