Take A Patch At This Farm & The Owners Will Grow Veggies For You & Deliver Them Weekly!


    Two friends, Anand and Aamir have a 17 acre butterfly farm in the making in Noida. It’s called Rewild Biodiversity Farms and they’re letting you invest in a piece of farm land for a year so they can grow chemical-free produce for you and deliver veggies from your patch every week.

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    Modelled on an allotment farm system that’s pretty popular abroad, the idea at Rewild is to let you eat healthy even if you’re that person who’s always struggling to make time between home, office and never-ending chores. You know when you’re eating that unnaturally shiny apple that it’s so bad for you {what with all that wax on it} but that’s not going to send you rushing to grow your own tree, right? This is exactly where the farmers at Rewild come in. The year-long cost of land subscription here is 1.5lac which ensures that you can outsource the entire process from prepping the land to sowing the seeds to reaping the produce to the farm folks. In fact, they even go that extra mile in delivering all the veggies from your land every week. All so that you can’t use lack of time or energy as an excuse to feeding yourself and your family chemical-laden, nutritionally-bereft food from the local subziwaala. Wondering if investing is the only way you can enjoy this butterfly farm? Of course not. You can head over to Rewild’s thatched machaans to chill. Or, treat the massive green space as your farm office and get some work done. If you have your weekends to yourself, feel free to drop by for a look-see-learn for they aren’t just happy to give you a tour but also host workshops where you can pick up a thing or two about growing your own greens. The idea is to empower people so they can grow herbs, fruits and subzis in their own balcony {or backyard}. In keeping with this philosophy, they are inviting people on April 15 for a workshop on DIY kitchen gardens. This might be a good time to see how committed you want to be to this farm. 

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    Sign up for a hands-on class or make a Sunday of walking and chilling with butterflies… You know, just get some sun and re-wilding time.  Get more info on this Facebook page.