If we can’t have cake, let us have bread. If you’re on the same page as us, you’ll be surprised at how many good bakers are doling out a variety of breads, between multigrain and sourdough. Here’s all the help you knead while going around Noida.


Photo source: Theos

Photo source: Theos

This takeaway version of our beloved restaurant stocks croissants, American Rye, cereal bread, French Peasant, Soya Bread {yes, even this}, Basil Pesto Panini Bread and a whole lot of puffs, sandwiches and rolls.

If it’s not a dough or die situation on the weight front, feel free to pick up a smoothie and macaroons on your way out.

Where: Shop No. B1/20, Central Market, Near Kothari International School, Sector 50

Price: INR 70 for a plain croissant

Big Bazaar, Mall Of India 

Foodies can scorn all they want, but we were pleasantly surprised by Big Bazaar’s well-stocked bread shelf that makes focaccias, gluten-free bread and baguettes, along with offering other sandwich essentials such as cold cuts {yes, this outlet has non-veg items}, cheese, veggies, lettuce and even packed salads under one roof.

Where: DLF Mall of India, Sector 18

Bon Bon Pastry Shop

Photo source: BON BON Pastry SHOP

Photo source: BON BON Pastry SHOP

We can vouch for this little bakery’s Daliya Bread, French Bread and Masala Bread. A fresh-out-of-the-oven smell envelopes this place, which also makes milk bread, whole wheat bread and burger buns to cater to everyone who likes to make safe choices in the kitchen.

Where: F-1, opposite YES Bank, Sector 18

Price: INR 35 for Masala Bread

Top Breads    

Too uninspired to put together a sub? Top Breads will restore your crumbling faith with a range of hot dogs, puffs, rolls, stuffed croissants, danish and ready-to-eat sandwiches.

Where: Shop No. K-4, Ground Floor, Ocean Heights, Sector 18

Price: INR 40 for a plain croissant

Bread & More

Photo source: Bread & More, Noida

Photo source: Bread & More, Noida

Croissants for when you’re feeling indulge-y, and artisan hard crust breads for when you want to experiment – there’s ample variety to cover most of your needs.

Where: Shop No-4, Ats-1 Hamlet, Sector 104

Price: INR 80 for Cereal Bread

Featured photo courtesy: Bread & More, Noida