No Kidding: Noida Has A Mini Sarojini & We Promise It’s Nowhere As Crowded!

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We bet you didn’t know this but there are two mysterious basements in Atta market that the owners actually call “Mini Sarojini” simply because… They can really pass off as the market’s long-lost, smaller sibling. The prices are exactly what you’d expect {tops at INR 150 and so on} and even on a Saturday afternoon, they had not more than five shoppers!

It Pays To Be Cheap

Now that we have your attention, let us give this to you straight. The shops are literally underground and owned by the same person. The prices hinge heavily on your bargaining prowess but are similar to what Sarojini shops offer. To give you an idea, we got two dresses for INR 600 {for two!} and a beautiful, white boho top for INR 180! Another maxi dress was also bought for INR 350. Yes, we struck gold.

There are no surprises here other than the fact that these surplus shops exist in a market that’s mostly bling and salwar suits. Go down the steps though and there are walls lined with hangers after hangers of dresses, shrugs, skirts, tops and more and below are stacks that are all yours to dig. Basically, the same Sarojini format again.

It Pays To Know The Location Too

It’s likely that when you find yourself at Atta, you’ll be pointed to different locations on either sides and the search for these surplus shops will be far from easy. A trick that’ll do you good? Look for the shop opposite metro pillar no. 65 or the one opposite Muthoot Finance. Either way, if you find one, the other one is a few shops away.

Still lost? Call +91 9891906887 for directions. 

PS: These spots will look like nothing till 1pm. They start setting shop only around lunch time so don’t just land up early in the morning and come back dejected.

So, We're Saying...

Atta Market isn’t our favourite hangout but when it gives us export surplus clothes, we’re more than happy to make a trip. The fact there’s hardly any pushing and shoving involved makes it even better {the market itself can get congested but these shops are mostly have enough breathing space to browse and shop}. 


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