Noida Peeps! It’s Time To Start Eating Healthy With Salad Days In Your City

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Salad Days

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What Makes It Awesome?

How time flies! I remember hearing about Salad Days way back in 2014 and I thought, how will they ever manage to deliver salads that stay fresh or crunchy for that matter? So I ordered more out of curiosity than hunger and to feel good about what I eat. The salads were basic back then but the best part was the packaging, I would deem it, state of the art, with the dressing on the side and no mayo or cream based heavy stuff, real, fresh, vinaigrettes, stuff I love. Cut to today, 5 years hence and how they've grown by leaps and bounds, they're now servicing Noida, so Noida peeps, rejoice, no more excuses, no more shopping and chopping, Salad Days to the rescue.

To maintain quality and freshness, they grow part of the produce at their own farm and the other part is sourced from farms vetted by the brand. Another way they've managed to stay on top of the game is by developing 3 kitchens to service Delhi, Gurgaon and now Noida with a staff of over 100 personnel. I've been such a fan that I ordered at Noida (why do we have so many meetings there?) and found that my favourite salads where just as I know them. Though they have pita pockets as well, overnight oatmeal bowls and beverages, I am hung up on the salads.

For real indulgence, go for the Greek Salad with feta and black olives and its under 200 calories, yay. For more fibre, I usually chose the Quinoa and Grilled Veggies (barely over 150 calories) and the more wholesome, Pesto Wholewheat which has a yoghurt pesto dressing. If you prefer your salads, meaty, the Chicken Teriyaki wins hands down, I love that they've covered different cuisines with one basic food group. Speaking of Asian, even the Asian Chicken Noodle Salad is awesome, mainly because it has a tart and tangy Sweet Chilli Dressing, that I wish they would bottle for sale! Pair your salads with cold-pressed juices, I personally love the Pineapple Kafir but since their game is seasonal, the Mango Smoothie has been winning on this front the last few times I ordered. With Salad Days, health comes at a price that is super affordable giving you fewer excuses to eat healthy, so if you stay at Noida or just work there, your lunches just got super sorted.

What Could Be Better?

Since I loved their Asian salads and they’re constantly innovating, a few more Asian flavoured salads would be great on the menu.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼