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Noida Rejoice! Smaaash Opens At Mall Of India

    Sector 18, Noida

    Finally some refreshing news to beat the scorching heat—Smaaash, the popular virtual gaming-arena franchise, recently opened its doors in Noida. A one-of-its-kind virtual reality and gaming studio, Smaaash has a number of cool things on offer, especially for gamers and sports enthusiasts.

    Experience exactly what Dhoni feels in the last over of a cliffhanger with Smaaash cricket, a 360-degree cricket simulator, or go head-to-head against a professional goalkeeper and feel the adrenaline rush of a real penalty-shootout with their soccer simulator.

    We can't wait to try the Finger Coaster, a virtual-reality roller coaster designer that allows you to customise your own rides. There's something for the foodies, too; you can always grab a bite at Mighty Small Cafe, their carnival-themed restaurant.

    Read more about the awesome gaming arena here.

    Featured image courtesy: Zomato

      Sector 18, Noida