Don’t let all this stifling pollution cloud your judgement. The environment is dying and before it breathes its last, a big eco-friendly store in Noida is allowing you to make a change, starting from your own drawing room.

Meet InLiving—a homegrown brand that believes in a zero waste policy towards manufacturing. This philosophy translates into a beautiful range of solid wood furniture that’s made from reclaimed wood, jute, recycled cotton, denim and more, marrying innovative design with tech innovations. 

The Jute Cause Of Happiness

021116_noidastorefurniture1We visited InLiving’s warehouse and were treated to a guided walkthrough. The place looked like a circus set fell onto a wood market. The contrasts created by different wood finishes and the use of cloth, wool threads, sheets recovered from flip flop factories and denim patches from discarded jeans add an element of drama to this green brand’s many offerings.

Another great thing is that the furniture is all super sturdy and functional. A case in point are the poufs that come with inbuilt storage space for all and sundry that often stick out like a sore thumb {more like thumbs?}. Also, all the wood that’s left from making bigger pieces like the beds or closets is reworked creatively into lamps and other knick-knacks. 

Are You Couch Surfing?

041116_noidastorefurniture_feature Yarns of colourful wool wound around stout poufs, knitted sweaters stretched over funky sideboards and hand painted lamps makes this warehouse a fascinating walk in the woods. There are coffee tables, shoe racks, side boards, chests, beds, wardrobes, sofas, couches and a host of other pieces for your bedroom, garden and dining room to be found here; all consciously engineered.

The story doesn’t end at the warehouse though; every piece in their corporate office follows the eco-friendly theme too! 

Interested in sustainable furniture {please tell us you are?}, buy it online. If you’re around Noida, it might be great to drop by at their store on the Expressway.

Photos courtesy: In Living