Ditch The Plastic & Sip On These Edible Straws That Are Eco-Friendly & Delish

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What Makes It Awesome

We’re always trying to look for ways to be a bit more eco-conscious and one of the first things we did on that mission was deciding to ditch plastic straws. But hey, let’s face it. Some drinks just taste SO much better sipped from a straw but we knew we couldn’t give in. Well, till we went digging and found Nom’s online; they have 100% natural and edible straws that meant we weren’t creating any more straw waste ‘cause we were eating it instead! 

We ordered the straws in Chocolate, Lemon and Strawberry. We think everything tastes better with chocolate so we basically dunked our straw in cold coffee and then plain milk and we loved the subtle cocoa hint it added. We tasted the Strawberry straw with a banana peanut butter smoothie and it was like a throwback to PB & J sandwiches we took to school (and secretly still eat now.) We were kind of confused on what to pair the Lemon straw with but we really liked it with some soft drinks. 

They’ve also got other flavours like coffee, vanilla and mint (After 8, anyone?) that we’ll order when we run out. Basically, if you like to chew on your straws or not create plastic waste (and save the turtles), check out these edible straws!

Price: INR 199 onwards for a pack of 15

What Could Be Better

We’re dreaming out loud here but how cool would edible spoons be for our cereal and desserts?


If you’ve got little kids or siblings in the house, we think they’ll love these, too, especially when it’s milk time. Also, these are a great prank to play on friends when you just start munching on the straw without telling them it’s edible first. 


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