From Naples To Armenia: Go On A World Tour With Nomad Pizza

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever had a khachapuri from Georgia? Or a lahmacun from Armenia? Well, you must have had Spanish coca. No? Then it's time you checked out Nomad Pizza, a delivery service, based in South Delhi and Gurgaon, that is doing 11 styles of pizzas from across the globe and has a whooping 84 options for you to choose from.

Started in September 2019 with delivery services in South Delhi, they have since expanded and now offer delivery services in Gurgaon as well. You'll find the now famous Naples' Neapolitan pizza (thank you Leo's), Italian calzones, New York-style stone oven pizzas, Chicago's deep dish pizzas, Korean bulgogi, Turkish doner pizza, and even Indian flatbread pizzas on Nomad Pizza's menu.

All the pizzas, including the pizza dough, are made fresh with top-quality ingredients and the happy customers they have served for the past six months or so are testimony to that fact. Nomad Pizza's delivery boxes come with ventilation elements that keep pizzas fresh and the all-black packaging is totally Insta-worthy.

You can order Nomad Pizza through their website or Zomato. Alternatively, you can even call them up at +91 9711152779 and get that dough. They're following strict WHO guidelines during meal prep and delivery, so you can order in without a worry.


We hear the Naples special and crispy bacon pizzas are must-haves. They also make dessert pizzas for the more adventurous types. Do let us know how you like them.