Head To These 6 Iconic Spots For Good Ol' Butter Chicken & Dal Makhni At The Best Prices

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As much as we love North Indian cuisine, we cannot always dine at fancy places like Bukhara or Lazeez Affaire to enjoy the best of Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala and more. So, we’ve shortlisted some great places where you can hog on rich, flavourful North Indian meals for approximately INR 600 for two people.

Changezi Chicken

We’ve been to Daryaganj’s Changezi Chicken numerous times and they’ve managed to serve mouth-watering pocket-friendly dishes on every single visit. You can’t leave Chicken Changezi without trying the dish after which the place is named but what we love most here is their Butter Chicken which costs INR 360 for a half-plate {half is more than enough here}. While vegetarian options might be limited, whatever they serve is drool-worthy {try their Dal Makhni and Shahi Paneer}.

Al Jawahar

The Matia Mahal Road is a lane full of legendary eateries, all of them offering one great dishes after another. If we had to pick one, we’d suggest that you should definitely head to Al Jawahar for their Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer and Mutton Qorma. Finish your meal here with their delightful kheer and chances are that you’ll leave a happy soul. They’re open till 12am and their portions are huge too.

Kake Di Hatti

Kake Di Hatti’s Malai Kofta, their parathas and Dal Makhni are some of the reasons why this place is crowded on most days. This place only offers vegetarian meals but what they offer is the North Indian comfort food of our dreams. With a big appetite and a little bit of cash, it is Kake Di Hatti that we turn to when we’re in the mood for endless hogging.

Aslam Chicken

For the love of non-vegetarian food, specifically Butter Chicken, you have to try the tender, drenched in butter and perfectly cooked chicken here that’ll tingle your taste buds like never before. You absolutely cannot make the mistake of counting your calories here, so go head and make sure that you try Aslam’s Fish Tikka and Chicken Changezi.

Kake Da Hotel

Finding a table at Kake Da Hotel is a task in itself but don’t let that deter you from making a visit to this place. While we admit that over the years the quality of their food might have gone down, it is nonetheless a restaurant that serves some of the best Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and Shahi Paneer in town. Expect tender, falling-off-the-bone meat and thick flavourful gravies that’ll make you fall in love with this place.

Dawat Xpress

Dawat Xpress serves the Mughlai food of your dreams and that too, in huge portions. Some of the must-try dishes here are the Chicken Tikka Butter Masala, Butter Naan, Dal Makhni, Paneer Tikka and Kadhai Paneer. In case you’re not in the mood for heavy, ghee-drenched dishes, their Rajma Chawal and Kadhi Chawal are also great options.


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