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Not The Backpack Variety? Take Bae And Kick Back At This Quiet Cottage In Kasol


    Think Kasol and backpacking stereotypes come to mind. If you’re not too fond of {sometimes seedy} bunk bed stuffed budget hostels, try Once Upon A Time. Expect a view of the hills, a balcony that overlooks the river and much-needed bonding time with bae. You can go for long treks and come home to lovingly cooked Himachali food. What’s not to like? 

    Stargazing & River Watching

    There’s little distraction at this boutique property that’s got beautiful vintage furniture dressed in dreamy florals. You’ll wake up to the gurgling river that flows through Parvati valley and be surrounded by the lovely hill-smell from the pines and foliage. There isn’t even a TV because you’re supposed to reconnect with nature, guys.  So, you can take off for a walk in the woods and enjoy the simple joys of life like holding hands and plucking berries.The strawberries growing in clusters are a stunner by the way.

    We actually loved this world away from Kasol’s tourist trail with trippy cafes and dodgy parties. Don’t get us wrong. You aren’t supposed to embrace a hermit life here. This home stay is withing five-seven minutes of the market so if you ever need to experience civilisation, it’s right there – shops, eateries and all.

    Man Versus Maggi?

    If bae and you are the outdoorsy type, sign up for rafting and walk down to the market for waffles and shawarmas. The kitchen’s got the basic blender-kettle-stove in place so you can cook midnight Maggi in case you just intend on vegetating at the cottage.

    Since this is a serviced apartment, you get the best of both worlds: the caretaker sweetly cleans up after you so you can feel at home without that clinical service that’s become synonymous with plush hotels. The villa is all heart, really.

    PS: While we’re totally enchanted by the cottage, the story of the man who built this is equally, if not more, interesting. Meet this sailor who finally, after coming to Kasol umpteen times in his twenties, realised his dream of owning his own lil’ hill cottage.