Not In The Mood To Cook? Stock Up on Amy’s Homey, Ready-To-Eat Meals

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Having started as a home kitchen in California some thirty years back, Amy’s today, is a brand that does ready-to-make food. It's convenient, familiar and as healthy as they can make it without compromising on taste. 

What Makes It Awesome

All their recipes are 100% vegetarian, soy-free (except the spinach pizza) and tree nut-free. Their sauces and pasta are all house-made and the dough used is all wheat-based. 

They had sent us a giant box full of their ready-to-eat Italian meals. The first thing to catch our attention was the excellent packaging. Inside was Cheese Pizza, Cheddar Jalapeno Swirls, Pesto Swirls, Cheese Pizza Snacks, Cheese Ravioli and mac and cheese, along with a lot of dry ice. We were instructed to immediately refrigerate everything until we plan to eat it. 

Our favourite of the lot was the Cheese Pizza, the ravioli and the mac and cheese. But take note, you might find the whole wheat base a little chewy if you too (like us) have a highly used-to-maida palette.

What Could Be Better

While we had cooked everything in a microwave on high, it still took more time for the food to cook as compared to the time mentioned on their boxes. 

Also, the Cheese Pizza Snacks took quite long to cook (more than 15 minutes) and post that, we sadly didn’t like it as much as the others. 


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