Now All Your Desserts Dreams Will Come True, This Place Is Dessert Heaven!

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There have been so many dishes we have managed without during these times because either they’re not available for delivery or don’t travel well. Among those are some of our most favourite, crepes, pancakes and waffles. Which incidentally don’t constitute breakfast in a home like ours, they represent dessert, rainy day treats, Netflix binge foods and any-time-of-the-day indulgences. Though there are places that have been delivering these, we weren’t happy with the state they reached us in till we decided to order from a place we loved going to, back when we could and that place is Crep!e-fe. A casual, made for delivery set up, it’s the passion project of a young man who’s a chef at heart and from Les Roches, Switzerland, so it was only natural for his first venture to be a decadent European breakfast menu. Speaking of Europe, they also have gelatos, so life is quite sorted lately

Their Waffles are served with dip on the side and reach crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, though they have a dozen options, our standard favourites are Nutella Woof which come with loads of Nutella. Since we are all big on chocolate, we always order the Dark Chocolate Kit Kat as well and that comes with melted dark chocolate and crushed kit kat. They also have options with Hazelnut Monella, which in my opinion is the purest form of hazelnuts in terms of spreads, so if you like Nutella, you should definitely try this. Though the flavour profile for Crepes is the same, the texture calls for different add ons and I suggest the Monkey Honey which is honey and bananas or the Maple and Cinnamon, the crepes are soft, slightly thick and a sticky-sweet topping soaks into the crepe and makes it absolutely perfect. When it comes to the pancakes, order blindly, they’re so soft and fluffy, every topping does justice to them but the Monella Oreo is by far the most indulgent and a personal favourite.

If all this doesn’t satiate your sweet tooth then take to the next level with a Croffle which is exactly what it sounds like, a croissant baked in a waffle machine. These are meant for Nutella or Dark chocolate and if you want to make this into a mega dessert at home, then order a side of Gelatos with it and make a gelato sandwich with a Croffle. Whether we order the crepes and waffles or not, we’re very regular with our Gelato order, the plain cheesecake and the oreo cheesecake are some of the finest flavours we have had in a long time but the younger lot prefer the Belgian Chocolate and Ferrero Rochaze (as they call it. So there you have it, every possible dessert craving is sorted sitting comfortably at home, I suggest you make a playlist or plan a sitcom binge, order in from Crepe-Fe and make most of the day
In case you’re wondering about the safety aspect, check this out, they have a QR scan for a video link of a 3D view of the kitchen and they’re the only place in India that offers a QR code like that

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