Now You Can Have Your Sushi Cake And Eat It Too

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As if Sushi Junction didn’t already have our heart, their newest surprise has won us over—mind, body and soul. Unless you’ve been living under a rock {or for some reason hate sushi}, you might have already seen the beautiful sushi cake they recently created for a couple’s engagement {which is all over social media}.

Why are we so hyped? Well, we love cakes and we love sushi rolls, and this creation brings together the best of both worlds together. It’s not only pretty, but is also completely customisable with your favourite sushi ingredients like salmon, tobiko and more. The cake comes in a 1kg variant, and is just the thing you want for your birthday {or any other occassion, really} if you love sushi as much as we do.

While it hasn’t been added to the menu at Sushi Junction {since they’re only doing it on special orders}, you can always just give them a call, give your specifications {though we’d suggest you let them do their thing}, and marvel at the sheer beauty of the cake when it arrives. We’re ordering one soon, so you can keep watching our Instagram for updates {or have it first and share your experience}. Happy eating!


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