Cook Gourmet Asian Food At Home With Ingredients From This New Grocery Store

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you’ve watched enough episodes of Friends, you’re probably going to think ‘lipstick for men’ whenever you see the board for Ichiba! Firstly, that was Ichiban, and this is a gourmet Asian store and it’s huge! Settled at the lower ground level of Southpoint Mall, this is a new entrant for those of you who love cooking Asian food at home.

They’re expecting a container of 500 new products, but for now, this is the place to score amazing instant ramen packs, institutional packs of sauces, and an amazing variety of Asian ingredients that will inspire you to make Katsu bowls, donburi, and even sushi at home. They have ready to eat teriyaki sauce, tonkatsu sauce, and an amazing variety of soy sauces and rice vinegar. The best part is that you can get unique miso pastes and nori at this place, something that you’ve probably only read about on menus and cookbooks. They’re due to stock Korean and Japanese liquor soon, so look forward to Korean beers, Shochu, Soju, and Sake too.

They also have regular party supplies of chips, nachos, nuts, and juices, but most of the stuff is imported so don’t forget to pick up prawn chips and Bulgogi ramen while you’re there. They have Japanese rice, oils, and best of all, huge packs of Japanese mayo and kewpie which goes with everything from sushi to sandwiches. Go ahead, make an Asian gourmet meal tonight and Netflix & Chill.

What Could Be Better?

A shorter wait for the smaller home cooking packs of some products, other than that this store is a great find.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000

Best To Go With?


Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼