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Rashi posted on 24th July

By Rashi Wadhera

We're huge fans of the cinema, even when a movie is cut short thanks to censor boards, and other Indian sentiments. And more than that, we're still attempting to find a clear winner in the race for the PVR vs DT popcorn. But, more on that later, because now there's a third contender.

If you were born anytime before the new millennium, you'll know Sapna Cinema. And for those born after, torrentz is illegal.

Sapna got a makeover, and now goes by M Cinemas. Stationed in the middle of East of Kailash market, M cinemas boasts 400 lazy boys, the option of valet parking, and the best 3D technology in town. We visited on a quiet Saturday morning, for a twelve noon show of the newest Alia Bhatt flick. Seated in plush leather recliners, with personal servers checking up on us a little too often, we kicked back to take in the all new audio and visual technology. The screen is definitely bigger than most of competitors' {64 feet}, and we're not sure if it was the quality, volume or content {Bollywood songs} of the sound, but it was bordering on too loud. The menu serves up regular bite sized food, ranging from chicken wings to pita pockets, and the service is uber prompt. The popcorn was a bit of a let down, especially given its competitors' produce. That said, it almost wins because of the sheer convenience of it. You get seat service, and the option of paying your bill after the film is over.

M Cinemas makes the Gold Class experience accessible and affordable, and you don't pay through your nose only to enjoy an apple juice and a weathered blanket. However, they're still new, so smaller more insignificant details are still being looked at. They currently screen between 2-3 films in a given week, and we recommend you make this your cinema of choice for a 3D film. What helps its cause is the valet services, and since it's not in a mall, it's easier to access.

As for the best popcorn in the city, it's still open to debate.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

There's a brand new cinema in town, complete with leather lazy boys, valet services, and the newest 3D technology. M Cinemas gives you the Gold Class experience at more accessible rates, and we recommend your next 3D film experience on board their seats.

Where: 54 Community Centre, East of Kailash; Contact91-9650273047

Price: INR 500 a ticket

To learn more, for film schedules and to book tickets click here. 

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East of Kailash

54, Community Center, D Block, East of Kailash, New Delhi

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M Cinemas

East of Kailash
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