Now Tell Your Children Stories In Your Own Voice Anytime With MaPa Storry App!

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Children love stories! When you read them a story there is a magical moment and they are enthralled, mouth open, eyes wide lost in the magic of storytelling.

With today's busy lives, parents miss their reading time together but now you can still give your child the same by MaPa. A family app focused on storytelling.

Here's how :
- Download the app
- select a story
- choose language
- click on record and read along in your voice
- Save the story and share it via a link on WhatsApp! That's it!

It's a beautiful experience for your children to listen to their favourite stories in parents or even grandparents voice and flipping through it. The best part is that anyone can use it! Not only parents but even grandparents can record, narrate, and share stories with the kids.

The app is available on android and has stories suitable for kids 3-10 years. It has a mix of genres like moral, family, fairy-tale, bedtime and many more.

So download MAPA App today and give your child the gift of endless stories.