Chill With Your Buddies At Nukkad Cafe And Bar

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What Makes It Awesome?

Located amidst the busy SDA market which is full of cafes and bakeries Nukkad managed to highlight itself amongst all the fancy cafes even after being located inside a dingy little corner or Nukkad as we call it. Quite sure that the cafe got its name after the owner got a kinda shady corner for situating a cafe.

The path which leads to the cafe does seem to be shady at first, however, the moment one enters from that thick wooden door the world changes entirely, space is quite elegantly decorated, and beautifully lit. The decor is quite rustic, simple yet very pretty. The vibe of the space is uplifted not only by the ambience but also by the lovely playlist they play for a wholesome experience.

Coming to the food, the quality and taste of food they serve compliments the ambience perfectly. The quantity can be increased slightly respective to the high prices they charge for the food they serve.

We ordered three types of shakes, Brownie Nutella, Coffee Caramel and Devil’s Double. The flavours of the first two are self-explanatory however the Devil’s Double is a fantastic combination of our favourite Nutella and chocolate and creamy thick milk. All the above-mentioned shakes were fabulous just the caramel mocha lacked sugar and was slightly bitter, the portion size of the shakes was good too, yes they were pretty good but we felt that the prices could be cut down a little, all the shakes were priced 245 INR which isn’t very pocket-friendly.

Next up we had “Dahi ke Kababs”, which were delicious but too pricey to be true, the serving portion was 6 small pieces, yet the taste was commendable. They had a perfect consistency and right amount of flavouring for the kababs, the covering was crispy and crunchy and was served with green chutney.
We ordered tandoori chilli mushroom momos, they served 5 pieces the prices we felt were again too high and the quantity not worth it, but taste-wise it was good but too spicy, it was like a burst of flavours in the mouth with the spice levels too high.

They managed to keep their nachos crispy even after it was slathered with cheese on top but the point of complaint is that the cheese was only spread on the top of the nacho pile and the nachos below were dry. They served it with freshly made salsa and it was genuinely good.

Coming to the paneer tikka pizza, it was a small 9-inch thin crust pizza, beautifully layered with mozzarella and other toppings however the paneer tikkas were too milky and creamy making the combination of cheese and paneer feel nauseatic.

Tandoori mushrooms could have been better, the sliminess of the mushrooms was still there even after tandoor, marination was too spicy and the paneer stuffing inside didn’t quite compliment. The mushrooms were bad, and quantity, the quality was poor.

We also tried the cottage cheese Thai curry noodle bowl. The flavours of the curry were fantastic, nicely balanced and light. The cream, lemongrass and coconut milk ratio were perfect, giving it an authentic flavour making it delicious flavourful yet light.

We enjoyed this dish thoroughly and highly recommend it too.

What Could Be Better?

Although they have absolutely gorgeous ambience, this place is just a one time visit, the prices are just way too high, they definitely have maintained a good quality but to be honest their food can be improved, especially the tandoori mushrooms, chilli mushroom tandoori momos, and the pizza. Otherwise, it’s a nice cafe but not the best one for sure.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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