It's Men's Grooming Time!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Home & beauty ​services​ marketplace, Yes Madam, announce​s​ the ​launch​ of ​men's grooming​ vertical. Grooming yourself is something that is a very important part of your daily life and one can't miss it.

Women, yet men likewise put endeavours like getting an opportune hairstyle, prepping their whiskers or facials nowadays to look great and appealing. In the wake of Covid-19, we know that no one is willing to step out of the house and we’re just waiting for things to be better and hit the salons and get yourself groomed.

While all the females in the house must have been booking beauty appointments with Yes Madam, the guys are simply wishing on the off chance that they also had somebody to count on for their grooming at this hour. Here’s good news for all the men, Yes Madam-a lady’s go-to website to book her beauty appointments with, widened their domains to Men’s grooming.

Their men’s Grooming service offering has everything you need for creating a whole new look, be it giving you a new hairstyle, a good facial, changing your beard style or adding a scramble of shading to finish the makeover all at the safety and solace of your home.

“We understand the increasing beauty and grooming needs for men and since women had someone to reach out to for beauty services in this pandemic, we decided to give men a perfect lool. Looking at the safety point, the temperature of the beautician visiting your home will be informed to you. Before and after the service, the equipment used is sanitised by the beautician and dumped if required. Our clients’ safety and good health is our topmost priority and they do not need to worry about it.” quotes Mayank Arya, founder of Yes Madam.

Here you go, men. Book your grooming appointments now because why should girls have all the fun?

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