Amp Up Your Outfits By Laying Your Hands On These Amazing Handcrafted Earrings!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Recently, I’ve been in love with everything handmade and Moromere does just that. Moromere’s Kasturi’s attempt towards mindful and sustainable living. I first came across Moromere, which btw translates to “With Love” in Assamese on Instagram. I couldn’t resist getting some products from them so I got myself 2 pairs of clay earrings, one of which is the chic “double-faced” earrings and the other one is the absolutely adorable pair called “a good heart.”

To be honest, my favourite part about these earrings isn’t that they’re absolutely beautiful and unique, but the fact that I can picture the face of the person behind them whenever I wear them. It makes them feel more than just jewellery, and that you can only get with small home-grown brands!

All Moromere products are slowly handcrafted in small batches and as unique as their buyers. It’s what you can call a lockdown venture by Kasturi, a designer and illustrator, who believes in creating products that do good, to both the buyer and the environment! 

P.s. they have a variety of earrings and home decors products like trinket trays and wall hangings to starting at just Rs. 350!

Hi, I recommend. Recommend what you ask? Sustainable & homegrown fashion | Lots of Travel | Places to hog and more! 🧚‍♀️