Nut Butter Stations, Cheese Cellars & Live Candy Counters: This Marketplace Is All About Cool, Unique Food

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Foodhall@themkt is what every beginner chef {and veteran one} dreams of when they think about cooking and shopping. This gorgeous luxury market at the Chanakya has a plethora of gourmet goodies; from Swiss truffles and camembert cheese to sourdough breads and exotic berries from Europe; there’s really no rare, exciting and exotic variety of food you won’t be able to find at this luxury food market.

Food Dreams Are Made Of This

With an exhaustive Seafood/Meat Market, the Oliveology Bar {boasting a carefully curated selection of flavoured olive oils}, a Cheese Cellar that looks lit dropped straight out of heaven {or France}, A live counter with candy being made fresh in front of you, a Salt Bar with over a 100 kinds of salts and spices {including a bowl/slab made entirely of salt for you to toss your salads on}, a Nut Butter station, where you can grind your almond butter and other stuff, and a Xocolatl57 artisanal chocolate counter that will make you renounce any diet on the books.

Apart from all kinds of curated, unique food offerings, this Foodhall stocks an abundance of ingredients and food including alternative, healthier options to household staples called Traditions by Foodhall, which offers a premium range of pantry staples including pulses, rice,
cereals and specialty flours such as Almond Flour, Hazelnut Flour, and Quinoa Flour.

PS: Keep your eyes on this Foodhall: a range of exciting restaurants are being added to it as we speak, and they sound super-exciting!



Stop by the bakery, because they’ve got really yummy ready-to-eat stuff {and quirky things like activated charcoal and matcha croissants as well!}.


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