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Why we're Obsessing over Suburban King/Top Girl-The Music Video and its Director

Editors posted on 19 February

By Editors

There's things that homegrown genius minds produce, that transcend boundaries {Delhi-Mumbai rivalry, we're looking at you}, and city specific content, and need every one of us to sit up and press play.

Here's one of them-the new Music video documentary, Suburban King/Top Girl for Mumbai based but good ol Delhi product {MSVV enjoy this one} musician, Donn Bhatt's new single, Disco Disco.

We'll give you another reason to watch this, Delhi; the real man behind the gold you see, is director Aakash Bhatia and, pre-Bhane, long beards, top button closed trend induced indie cool. After four months of recces, production, post production and all the other associated rigmaroles, he managed to document/music video {more on this later}, three people from the Jogehswari East Slum and their climb to the top {of a human pyramid}, perhaps dispelling the most popular profiling of slum inhabitants.

The video follows these 3 characters and their  journey through the Dahi Handi climb. As holders of the Guinness World Record for being part of the tallest ever human pyramid, the video plays on their unrelenting ambition, hunger for fame in their community, and a tangible fearlessness, as they literally climb to the top. Perhaps mirroring the feelings of everyone who worked on bringing this film to life. It paid off, because as we go to digital press, the film has been shortlisted in the music video category at the prestigious SXSW. This means a world premier, and although the man behind it all might kill us for this blatant agenda pushing, but it's the first Indian Music Video to have made it to an international film festival. Also, Chet Faker's gold is shortlisted for the same category. How's that for a stellar climb to the top?

All we can say is, we're glad everyone took the plunge, and that some of them didn't.

Watch the video:

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