The New Smoke House Deli At Odeon Is A Winner

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Impressive and fresh, Smoke House Deli at Odeon is just the change we needed in Connaught Place. And while it’s already pretty great, it still has a lot in store for us coming up.

Chow Down

SHD Mac N Cheese, House Special Tenderloin Steak With Asparagus

Sip On

Brazil Bourbon, Peanut Butter Frappe

Winning For

It is one of the only new places in CP that really feel like CP. No cheap gimmicks and just a focus on quality food and service make this place a real winner for us.

Connaught Place Diaries

Instead of opting for the usual sketchbook style of hand-drawn illustrations, this outlet uses stencil art to give you a peek into CP’s past. On the walls, you can notice the history of almost every important place in the vicinity; all of it done in style. It urges you to get up and take a walk around the place just to admire the art-work. Service and space are both winners here and you’re bound to have a good time.

For Them Smoke-House Fanboys

Anyone who loves the food that SHD has to offer and probably skips making the trip due to the distance can not really complain anymore. The space in CP serves all that you can find on any other Smoke House menus, and does it as good as the rest. While the liquor license isn’t in yet, there is much you can try here, or just pick the usual favourites like we did. Be it the steaks, the shakes or the desserts, everything served here comes with a promise of quality {and who doesn’t love that}.

So, We’re Thinking…

When in CP, make sure you visit Smoke House Deli. What better than soaking in the CP spirit while gorging on some world food.


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