Age-Old Secrets, Just For You: Stay Natural With This Traditional Ayurvedic Brand

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Ohria Ayurveda

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What Makes It Awesome

A lot of us are looking forward to better skin (and a better skincare routine!) right now, and we personally think that the best route towards that is using skincare products that are made of natural and locally produced ingredients. Ones that have been used by our grandmothers and their grandmothers too! 

Ohria Ayurveda is a beauty brand that does just this. The brand name stands for the five basic elements, Panchamahabhutas. It was introduced in the market in 2018, founded by Ms. Rajni Ohri. Their entire philosophy is that of traditional Ayurvedic principles. So, you can expect to find regal looking, ancient beauty tools on their website. A massaging tool called the kansa wand, and pure copper cups to rinse your eyes with, there's just a lot to explore. 

Ohria Ayurveda has fragrant, luxurious, yet super grounding beauty products - hydrating gels, in variations such as rose and honey. They've got a honey and coconut milk hair cleanser and other products for premature greying and dehydrated and damaged hair! We are particularly fascinated by their Banyan Root Hair Tonic, which is made of aloe vera juice, vitamin E (Green tea) and vitamin B-5 (aloe vera)

As for bath and body products, you can find everything from exfoliating bathing bars made of orange as well as lemon peels and brown sugar and foot oils with sattvic ingredients to a beautiful Raatrani and Mint bodywash! 

Apart from all of this, they have a gifting and festive gifting section that you can choose wonderful hampers and packages for yourself or gift to friends or family. 

The most recent addition to their entire collection is their Raatrani & Mint and Amaltas & Khus Natural Deodorant as well as those fabulous copper cups we mentioned above. 

Price: INR 1,000 and up


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