Enjoy Old Delhi’s Food, Shopping & Heritage On This Funky Rickshaw

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Guava Trips’ fun heritage tour takes you through Chandni Chowk’s narrowest gullies and ends with a lavish brunch at the 200-year-old Haveli Dharampura. You’re plonked on a rickshaw and the stories are told through a small walkie talkie.

Reluctant Risers Unite

We aren’t happy early risers. So when we were offered to explore Chandni Chowk’s iconic landmarks and buzzing bazaars on a rather cold Sunday morning, we weren’t exactly kicked, but went ahead with it anyway.

There was a palpable fall in our grogginess as the guide began with a brief historical background of Jama Masjid, and we realised that we’d clearly been underestimating this ride; Right from the dolled up rickshaw {more like rock-shaw?} to the kabootarbaazi, every small detail captured the essence of Delhi’s most fascinating pin code and we’re still not over everything we saw. 

All That Lay Ahead

After Jama Masjid, we made a longish pitstop at Sis Ganj Gurudwara. The calm and community-feeling the Gurudwara embodies humbles you as you watch the whole place being mopped clean, and vegetables being prepared by volunteers. 

This calm stands in stark contrast to what lies outside – a half shut bazaar that’s insanely crowded. We then meander through Kinari Bazaar that’s bursting with colours and pass a 100-year-old ittr shop that’s enveloped in fragrance even when the shutters are down.

Oh, and we almost forgot to tell you that the trip also takes you to Khari Baoli {the spice market}. Here, we sniffed, sniffled and felt our noses twitch encountering heaps after heaps of aromatic spices lined up by the street; Chandni Chowk’s indeed a heady treat for the senses.

The Sweet Ending

Ask us the highlight of this Grand Heritage & Haveli tour and we have no second thoughts – the Dharampura terrace where we witnessed white pigeons circling around {or what the locals call kabootarbaazi} and the lavish brunch that followed with kebabs, soup and a super main course.

Needless to say, the entire rickshaw ride was punctuated by an occasional haveli that just came in our way ever-so-randomly {and beautifully}.

So, We’re Saying…

Spend a holiday feeling like a tourist in your own city. Guava Trips can organise this city tour for you on any day you like.

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