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    We Found An Old School Vinyl Record Store For All You Music Lovers In G-Town


    If you are an old school music buff, you dig vinyl records, don’t you? Well, guess what? Amarrass Records, a multi-faceted record label has a surprise in store for you. They’ve brought back the production of LP records to India this year and we couldn’t be happier.

    Good ‘Ol Days Are Back!

    Transcend to the 90s and relive the good old days by playing music records, smoking a cigar sitting on a rocking chair this winter. Amarrass brings to you the first record cutting facility in India in the 21st century with a varied range of music artists. The most special bit about their records is that each and every record is individually hand-cut on precision-crafted machinery that’s imported from Germany and assembled here in India. Their idea is to release new music albums every month in the analog format instead of digital which is what makes it so special.

    With everything moving quickly towards digital, Amarrass is trying to hold on to the record playing music culture that had, over the years, lost its touch.

    Here's How You Can Buy These Records

    According to Amarrass, with vinyl records it’s now possible for the artists to present their field recordings, live concerts and studio sessions to their listeners in a way which brings them closer to the natural sounds at the time of recording sessions.

    The three debut albums that are now available in LP format are Barmer Boys {Kesariya Balm}, Lakha Khan’s ‘At Home’ sessions, and Painted Caves self-titled. You can buy them through selected retailers or through websites like Amazon and Discogs. Or, you can land up at their studio which is situated on the first floor of the Sushant Lok shopping arcade.

    So, We're Saying...

    Get ready to go on a musical journey, peeps! This little place on the first floor of Sushant Lok shopping arcade is trying to bring some big changes to the way we listen to music. If you’re a true blue old school music lover who would love to own a vinyl record, join the music journey.

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