This Old Shop In Paharganj Is Offering Frozen Ittar In The Cutest Boxes For Just INR 70

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We recently stumbled upon Hari Piorko while looking for quality natural ittar that leaves a lingering smell. And, that’s when they gave us a surprise with their wax ittar!

The Perfect Fragrance

After having a conversation with the owner of this little souvenir shop we discovered that they bring the solid ittar all the way from a small town Kannauj which is in Uttar Pradesh. They usually only keep a few pieces for local sale while most of them are sent for export. But the moment they place the tiny dibbis of ittar in front of you, it gets hard not to pick one. The fragrances they have are natural and subtle {think rose, sandalwood or jasmine} but priced at INR 70 for one pack, you can pick out multiple of them for different days. Moreover, the solid ittar makes it super convenient to carry one around at all times because you’re not scared of spillage.

So, We're Saying...

The natural and convenient ittar to carry is available right here in Paharganj and it costs only INR 70! So get yourself one and be sorted in terms of fragrances.