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OMG, India’s Largest Laser Tag Arena, Opens In Gurgaon


Welcome to Oh My Game, the country’s largest laser tag arena. Paintball’s older and much cooler sibling, it requires that you bring your A-game and draw the battle lines.

What Is It?

A painless version of paintball for one, lasers and infrared sensitive targets are involved – how cool is that? The aim of the game is to take out each member of the opposing team by shooting them down with lasers. Some helpful tips to play include familiarizing yourself with the arena {which can be tough since it’s always dimly lit}, wearing dark clothes which will conceal you in the black light and finding the best places to hide.

The arena at Oh My Game is spread over 2200 sq. ft, with the capacity to accommodate 12 players at a time. The arena is hand painted by professional artists to simulate a live action feel for the players.

Age no bar, Laser tag demonstrates the evolution of the combat gaming experience – from plastic toy guns to paintball to harmless laser guns. Quick wit and sick strategy skills are mandatory!

Get, Set, Play!

In addition to being super duper fun, laser tag makes for an excellent workout! It gets your heart rate racing because of all the running around and has you on the go pretty much throughout the game, unless you wuss out and hide somewhere so don’t do that!

A great team building exercise, the arena is also booked up by corporates. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we suggest you head here with guns blazing!

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