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    New Restaurants, Weekend Getaways & More: Tune In Here & Now To Discover Awesome Around You

    Tushar posted on 13 July

    On the go? Here are 5 awesome shows brought to you by IVM Podcasts, India’s biggest podcasting network. 

    This week, listen to podcasts across genres like lifestyle, technology & more. And the best part? Suchita Salwan, LBB's CEO & founder, unravels the LBB story and the platform's vision to connect users to awesome local business. Get the deets in the list below.

    LBB #ifoundawesome Podcast: Ep 10

    Don't know what to do? Don't have a plan? Just LBB it! Your plan A, always.

    This week, we’re spilling 5 new and unique places you need to check out in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune - from restaurants and bars, to budget shopping and weekend getaways. We’re talking about an awesome gifting site, road trips near you, new restaurants and lots more! You're welcome. Tune in here.

    Shunya One: Ep 61 - Suchita Salwan: The LBB Story

    Hosted by entrepreneur Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya and Amit Doshi, Shunya One discusses all things tech and startups in the country. The conversation is also open to techies on their slack channel! On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Suchita Salwan, LBB’s CEO and founder. This conversation unravels the LBB story and the platform’s vision to connect local businesses to as many consumers, data driven products and lots more. Tune in here.

    Varta Lab: Episode 12: Ft. Naman Saraiya and Nidhi Salian

    Varta Lab is a delightful concoction of stories featuring Aakash Mehta, one of India’s most obsessive storytellers and Navin Noronha. They exchange stories with each other and welcome others to do the same. On this episode, filmmaker and Vice India Producer Naman Saraiya and Associate Producer, Nidhi Salian talk about their experience while working on Kya Bolta Bantai, the 30-minute documentary about Mumbai's gully rap scene

    Tune in here!

    Hustle Science: Episode 05 Ft. Angad Nadkarni

    After 3 years of running their YouTube channel, the BeerBiceps team brings you Hustle Science. Ranveer Allahbadia and Tejaswin Gumber interview superstars of their own industries to get a closer look at their journeys. The hosts speak to their buddy and tech entrepreneur and founder of Hullo.Inc: Angad Nadkarni. Angad talks about his coding-craze and lots more about his story so far. Tune in here.

    IVM Likes: Episode 77: Bad Romance

    Every week, the IVM staff spills their personal pop culture recommendations of books, movies, TV shows, apps and sometimes even podcasts, board games and anything in the world that fancies them!This week on IVM staffers Jaanam, Abbas, Alika and Surbhi recommending their recent favorites. In the second half, Gaurav Ayya appears and we talk toxic relationships in pop-culture. Tune in here!

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