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On the Right Track | LBB Special Mix by MadStarBase

Editors posted on 18th September

By Editors

May we just say, with no offense to anyone who works their turntables to the ground - one of the biggest joys when we're out on the  town {before the curfew kills our spirit}, is music we recognise. It's even better when someone reinvents familiar sounds, infuses samples from the biggest hits of our fading youth, and injects hints of instant crowd pleasers - good ol' Bollywood. Now now, if you're hipster, kitsch, non commercial, or an HKV rat, and are curling up your nose at the mention of Bollywood, you ain't fooling nobody. There's something almost comforting about a familiar big Bollywood tune, interspersed somewhere in between Baby Bash and Busta Rhymes. We've already said too much.

Put your hands together for MadStarBase, an international music collective representing UK, USA, India and Jamaica, pushing the boundaries of the myriad music scene. This time, with lyrics. All hail. Producer DJ duo Ase {Anant Ahuja} and dubSekhri {Neal Sekhri} hold down the MadStarBase fort in India, and are always experimenting with sounds, genres and eclectic mixes, incorporating multiple varieties and styles, catering to exactly what a Delhi audience has; a mixed palate.

Fresh of their turntables comes this specially curated mix for LBB; one of us staffers has been listening to it on repeat. If you won't press play because you're stubborn with your music, get this; there's some Baby Bash {throwback}, Pharell {no, not Happy}, Kooks and Dr Dre, somewhere in the middle of some special MadStarBase crew tracks, and that good ol' Bollywood we haven't shut up about.

If you haven't got enough, and care to listen to more, listen to all their remixes on Soundcloud here.