Spend Time With Your Friends Over Good Food At This Outlet In Dwarka!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Amidst the busy city of Dwarka, we found a beautiful cafe where you can find quality food, good gorgeous indoor as well as outdoor seating, and the right playlist playing to set your mood right for the beginning of an extremely relaxing experience. Cafe di Milano is a relatively new cafe that has just the right ingredients to uplift your mood as discussed above. It is located a few steps away, opposite to the soul city mall in Dwarka, which makes the location quite attractive for a large crowd who visit the mall for shopping and since the mall lacks an extensive food court of its own, cafe di Milano is a savior for all the hungry shoppers. The cafe is constructed within a confined small space, but the owners have utilized the space well by constructing a rooftop seating as well which most of the cafes lack here in Dwarka.

The beverage station is placed outside and in open. Coffees, teas and shakes which we order are brewed, churned and stirred right in front of us leaving no scope for unhygienic ways of preparation plus the coffees being brewed outdoors fill the space with a wonderful cafe like aroma, one where you can casually sit and chill with the music and ambience perfected with natural add ons like plants and bushes around the seating area. The service is quick and the ones who serve are vigilant enough to take care of the customer’s needs and requirements.

This place is perfect for almost everyone, no age restriction or any kind of restriction, especially good for college students to hang out or couples to enjoy a date with natural and fancy ambience. Occasions for which the place is most suitable include, meetings, casual lunch, hi-tea, dinner, dates, etc.

It is true that the prices are slightly high but the quality of food, ambience, and music tends to compensate for the price you pay for the food here.
We ordered :
Belgian chocolate shake
Butter chicken pizza
Crumb fried chicken

To be honest, the Belgian chocolate shake served here is the best shake we have tasted so far, even better than milkshakes served at places that are dedicated to making only shakes like Keventers, Milkshake, and co. etc. The shake consisted of medium consistency, not too thick or too thin, one which doesn’t grease around your throat making you feel thirsty or too bland and watery to make you feel like you wasted your money. The consistency was made right by the crushed Belgian chocolate which they added to milk which tasted like full cream milk. The sugar for just right to make it taste perfect, all in all, the milkshake was nice and frothy yet Luscious and chocolaty leaving you with wanting more of it.

Butter chicken pizza, all good things put together to make a great delight. One can tell that the crust of the pizza was freshly made and not store-bought but the size of the pizza is slightly disappointing, it was just an 8-inch pizza, taking into account the servings of pizzas at other similar cafes, where the size is usually not less than 11inch. They used makhani gravy instead of marinara for butter chicken pizza, which made the pizza moist and gave that much required north Indian touch. Topped with mozzarella and chicken tikka making a heavenly combination for pizza and they executed it to perfection.

The third dish we tried was crumb fried chicken, this was a great appetizer. Coated with bread crumbs, and marinated in yoghurt, the fried chicken strip is served by slicing them into 6 to 7 pieces. The fried chicken strips are served with a dip of your choice and with a very small portion of coleslaw salad. The chicken was moist from inside while the deep-fried chicken was crisp from outside.

To sum up, we enjoyed a good experience here at Cafe Di Milano.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Family, Kids

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