By Rashi Wadhera

As we go on to give you the 411 on when and how this works, we have one minor obstacle to get out of they way. The name of the resort. When you hear it, and then associate it with bungee jumping, it might not do a lot to calm your nerves. We were confused between whether this will be the last resort we ever stay at {insert the obvious fear of never coming back from your first jump}, or whether Bungy Jumping is the only light at the end of the tunnel. Neither is true, and may we just say, what’s in a name?

The Last Resort, 100 km outside of Kathmandu, is steadily gaining popularity for its Bungy Jumping, and as Dilliwaalas, it’s the closest we can get to the adventure sport, without breaking the bank. Situated between gorgeous terraced slopes, suspended on a cliff- top gorge above the Bhota Kosi river somewhere in between dense jungles, The Last Resort believes in two extreme experiences. They’re modelled as a place for peace, relaxation and tranquility, complete with an in house spa and cut-off location. If you’re suddenly bored of a sedentary vacay, hey, you can just jump off a bridge. No big deal. The bungee jumping happens off a bridge, over a 160m high tropical gorge, with a wild river raging right below you. They film the entire experience and give you the option of buying the DVD. Persons below the age of 18 will require parents to sign a form of consent, but if you’re past the age limit, just sign up and they’ll take care of the rest. A Bungy Jumping package includes transport and a lunch after your jump, and if you’re in the mood for a double dose of adrenaline, also sign up for the Canyon Swing. We”ll explain.

The Canyon swing is the world’s highest giant swing, 160m high, including a 100m free fall with a 240m arch, while you’re traveling at 150km/h. You can also choose to do the tandem version of this, in case you want to test the boundaries of a relationship. Pick from their range of packages; from experience, if you sign up for both, you’re guaranteed a better deal.

If this is all too much adventure to fathom, take a moderate route and sign up for Canyoning, mountain biking trips, an obstacle course  in the middle of a forest {think connected ladders, wobbly bridges, walk ways, cargo nets, abseils and zip lines}, or some good old white water rafting. Hey, there’s always that spa to soothe post adventure nerves, and best news yet, an in house bar that actually sees fairly populated nights, especially during peak season.

If you care to mix and match activities, and chart out an adventure filled stay with them, The Last Resort has many packages and combos available. If you’re still not happy, and care for a little customisation, just get in touch. The accommodation comprises luxury safari tents, complete with full resort services, and home style meals. Located about a 100 km from Kathmandu, they have a shuttle service to ferry you back and forth, and the drive takes about 3 and a half hours, subject to traffic.

For once, we definitely want some strings attached.

Notes in Our Little Black Book |

The Last Resort, a three and a half drive hour from Kathmandu, offers luxury tent accommodation, spa services, home style meals and as a last resort, Bungy Jumping! Hosts to a wide range of adventure activities, they also have on offer Canyon swing {think bungying on a swing}, canyoning, whitewater rafting, obstacle courses, hiking, and mountain biking.

Where: Naya Pul, Near Tatopani {Ward 5, Listikot VDC}, Sindhupalchok. 100 km outside of Kathmandu, on the road to Tibet.

Contact: +97714700525, +97714701174; Email:

Price: Jumps start from INR 6500 {approx}

To find out more, and see live videos of some heart stopping jumps, click here. 

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