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Does your grandma’s raw onion therapy dry out your hair strands and bloom out a pungent odour throughout your scalp?
Rey naturals emerged a perfect solution for such problems by thriving out a special range of onion oil.

This onion oil not only inherits its smell from sandalwood and roses which are extremely beneficial for your hair but also has proportions of coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, argon oil and vitamin-E oil that prevent the drying agent of sulphur present in onion oil alone! Onion is also proven as a strong medium against dandruff. This hair oil is listed as a balanced diet for your hair and scalp.

Personal experience- After my first wash there is a significant difference in the amount of hair fall. Also, I can see a tint of lustre and bounce.
I would rate this product 8/10 based on my first use.

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