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With These Awesome Rakhi Gifts, You’ll Definitely Be The Best Sibling Ever

    While any other day you might be fighting with your sibling over who ate the last chocolate (it wasn’t me), Raksha Bandhan’s the one day we put all that aside and tell our siblings how much we love them and appreciate them. All that with gifts, of course. No more boring old t-shirts and kurtas, it’s time to order some sassy gifts like cocktail mixes, superhero themed speakers (oh, yes) all available online. 

    Pure Ghee Rakhis

    Handmade Rakhis By Pure Ghee

    I can’t be the only one who, in the pursuit of the perfect gift, forgot to buy a Rakhi. Forget the basic Rakhis this year and go for these handmade ones from Pure Ghee instead! Pick a floral inspired one or a combo with an Ikat wallet for a one-and-done option! Got more wrists that need Rakhis? Check out this list for some more options!

    Price: INR 500 onwards

    & Stirred Cocktail Mix

    Fuss-Free Cocktail Premix Pack Of 14

    Fuss-Free Cocktail Premix Pack Of 14

    ₹ 801

    If your sibling is always the life of the party and Saturday nights at home can never be without a seriously good cocktail, get them this fuss-free cocktail premix so you can sip on some Cosmos or Mojitos together post work!

    Price: INR 801

    PS- shot glasses included.

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    Bigsmall 3D Iron Man Bluetooth Speakers

    3D Iron Man Bluetooth Speaker

    Tell me one person who didn’t cry over “I love you 3000” and I’ll tell you you’ve found a liar. For the Marvel obsessed sibling, this gift will look so cool when they open it and even cooler when they realise what it is. Oh, and to make it even better, the eyes light up.

    Price: INR 1,699

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    And Nothing Else Choco Variety Pack Protein Bars

    Choco Variety Pack - Box of 6

    Choco Variety Pack - Box of 6

    ₹ 540

    Got a sibling who’s way into fitness? And Nothing Else’s protein bars are all 6 ingredients or less, super healthy and SO yummy. Pre or post-workout or even as a snack, you might end up fighting your sibling over them. 

    Price: INR 540

    PS - This awesome gifting guide is sure to get those creative juices flowing, and, ahem, give you brownie points! 

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    Mango People Shop iPhone Cable Protectors

    iPhone Cable Protector Animal Bites - Assorted

    A very frequent fight at my house is over chargers being stolen. More specifically, my charger being stolen. This adorable cable protector comes in assorted animals so you can ask your sibling for one back and keep your wires safe from breakage and theft (or sharing, whatever you want to call it.)

    Price: INR 200

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    Writenery “Get Busy” Stationery Kit

    "Get Busy" Stationery Kit

    "Get Busy" Stationery Kit

    ₹ 850

    For stationery hoarder and scatterbrained siblings, this is it. With a “Get Busy” list, pen, paperclips and more, this nature-inspired stationery kit will get a ton of use!

    Price: INR 850

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    Apparel & Accessories From H&M

    If your sibling is a fashionista, or if you're buying stuff of the littler generation, H&M has an entire curated section for Rakhi. Be it sunglasses, bags, dresses, shirts, tees, hoodies or shoes, they have divided the gifts for women, men, boys and girls. We love that there price ranges from INR 300 all the way up to stuff for INR 4,000 so you can really find exactly what you want! Men, we're advising you to check out the lovely flouncy dresses for the sisters, and ladies, get your brother looking dapper in their casual printed shirts. 

    Mystique Earth Skincare Combo

    Mystique Earth Skin Care Gift Pack

    If your sibling loves trying on different face masks and cleansers, they'll love this one by Mystique Earth that is infused with air bubbles that feels like a gust of fresh air. It also comes with a body lotion that is velvety and the scent of white lilies is super refreshing.

    Price: INR 1,600

    Cornitos Party Pack

    Fighting over nachos is forever so this Cornitos party pack is super convenient considering it comes with 2 big packets of nachos and a party mix. 

    Price: INR 300

    Note: they only ship in Delhi NCR through their website but you'll find these packs in most retailers in other cities in North India. 


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