Order Meat & Seafood With Ease From These 3 Websites

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Busy days, loads of traffic, pending deadlines or simply no inclination to grocery shop – whatever your reasons may be, you can always come home to a meal of fried fish, crispy prawns or lamb chops. Nothing fishy here, all you need to do is save the numbers and websites of these 3 gourmet delivery services for ordering quality meat products online, so you never have to stand at a shop again!

Fresh To Home

Fresh To Home

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Best known for their seafood, Fresh to Home is a boon for Gurgaon {being landlocked, the availability and freshness of seafood is often suspect here}. The variety of fish they home deliver is better than most gourmet stores and most of the produce is of Indian origin.

However, the best part is the pricing – since they are otherwise wholesale dealers they are able to provide great prices to the retail market too. Stock up on super fresh mackerel, pink perch, yellow fin tuna, clams and great white prawns. They also deliver poultry and mutton, along with perfectly cleaned and cut steaks of fish like basa and mahi mahi. If you do decide to add poultry to your order don’t miss the duck and duck eggs.

Good To Go

From raw to ready-to-cook {and even ready-to-eat meats}, Good to Go has it going on! This is the go-to place for some of the finest cuts of mutton and imported fish varieties like Tilapia and Salmon. If you want an easier meal solution then do check out the ready-to-cook selection, we love their marinated meats – from regular chicken tikka masala to peri peri chicken, all you have to do is fry!

If you’re planning a party, life doesn’t get easier than their ready-to-eat menu. From Shaami Kebab to Chicken Shawarma, Tikkas and Chilly Fish – it’s all by the gram, so stock up.



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With a state-of-the-art production unit, Lionfresh is as gourmet as online meat delivery gets. We love the sound of cut and cleaned pork belly, imported lamb rack and lamb shanks, de-shelled scallops and Norwegian Salmon.

Speaking of fish, this is the place to score imported cuts from – they have reef cod and white snapper. Their ready-to-cook selection is what amazing brekkies are made of; they’ve got pork kransky, American bacon, chicken pepperoni and lamb kabana sausages to name just a few!

They also have an Indian menu of fryer-ready mutton and chicken seekhs and chicken malai tikka. However, the gourmet part really kicks in with their selection of slow-cooked meats, don’t miss the American style pulled pork, sous vide lamb shanks and slow-cooked pork belly, it’s all ready-to-eat!


Most of these services have daily deals and discounts, it’s always a good idea to check the websites the day you need to shop for meats and order accordingly.


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