Cheesy Kneads Has The Cheesiest And Most Buttery Garlic Bread Ever



    The garlic bread works well as a side but equally great by itself - you might have to check with the restaurant once to see if they'll deliver just the garlic bread though.

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    Cheesy Kneads is the Italian counterpart of my all-time favourite Big Wong. Their garlic bread is what dreams are made of - soft, buttery, cheesy, and with just the right level of crunch on the outside. And the best bit - they don't skimp on the cheese.

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    Cheesy Kneads has the widest variety of pizzas - the Humble Pie {the classic margherita} and the Stairway to Hog's Heaven {for them pork lovers} will easily win your heart. Be warned, you'll be grumpy if asked to share.