Casarecce, Gigli Or Conchiglie: Order Home Some Artisanal Pasta From Here

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We love pasta and the supremacy of aglio e olio and fresh tomato sauce pasta is unrivalled in our humble opinion. But leaving the sauces aside, apart from the usual store-bought spaghetti and penne, we are always on the hunt for more pasta shapes. So when Casarecce, a Delhi-based handcrafted pasta brand, sent over their conchiglie (shell-shaped pasta) made using the black wheat from Three One Farms, we knew we had to have the pasta right away and also dig deeper into what Casarecce does. Oh, and fun fact, casarecce (derived from casereccio which means homemade in Italian) is a pasta shape that looks like the pasta is rolled upon itself. And yes, you get them too to order online. 

Coming back to the conchiglie, we tried it with a roasted bell pepper sauce and we loved how the earthy flavour of the pasta complemented the sauce. And since it's shaped like a shell, the pasta also had scoops of the sauce in it. We tried it with a chunky tomato sauce as well. Founder and chef Sambhavi Joshi, who fell in love with artisanal pasta while on her job, has a whole range of eggless and gluten-free dried pasta options for you to order. The turmeric casarecce, beetroot Gigli, and the sriracha fusilli are some options that have caught our attention. The gluten-free options are made with a blend of millets, quinoa and rice, and you also get pasta made with whole wheat. These pasta varieties are air-dried for 40-60 hours, depending on the shape, to ensure that perfect bite and flavour. 


If you live in Delhi, you can also order fresh pasta (and fresh sauces) such as angel hair, ravioli, beetroot and herb ricotta agnolotti, and black pepper pappardelle. Order before 8 pm for next day delivery.  


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