Liquor Ladoos To Fusion Namkeen: Get Your Favourites Delivered To Your Doorstep

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What Makes It Awesome

Yes, you read that right! Known for giving contemporary makeovers (and also nailing them) to all the classic, traditional sweets—be it ladoos, barfis or panjiri, Nihira has won many sweet as well as non-sweet loving hearts. AND you can get them delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy. 

From boozy delights like Whiskey Ladoo, Champagne Ladoo, Jagerbomb Ladoo and Red Wine Ladoo to indulgent bites like Cheesecake Barfi and Tiramisu Barfi, it's a whole feast you can treat yourself and your loved ones to, right here on LBB. If you're keen on sticking to your desi favourites, get yourself a box (or more) of their Chana Barfi, Kesar Motichoor Ladoo, Thandai Peda and more that will certainly bring back the days of warm gatherings and overindulgence.

And if you want to balance out that sugar rush (it's only fair), just take your pick from Nihira's savoury offerings which include Spicy Cheese Namkeen Paare (our favourite), BBQ Namkeen Paare, Sweet Chilli Namkeen Paare, Achaari Namkeen Paare and more. All of these will get delivered via Wefast so they’re perfect for sending gifts to your friends and fam across town. 

Price: INR 250 upwards 

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