8 Lesser-Known Organic Beauty Brands That Are Made In India

    Most of us have had some experience with the big names in organic beauty products: There’s the old faithful FabIndia, the utterly decadent Kama Ayurveda, the funkier Ayurvedic range from Forest Essentials, good old Khadi, the lovely-smelling Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic, the bounty from Organic Harvest, and the new-ish entrant VLCC.

    But it was this slew of newer, home-grown brands that impressed us with their smart packaging and pretty nifty combinations. All we can say is good for them – and really good for us!



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    Well oiled in the production of all-natural essential oils, Soulflower has gone ahead and incorporated these beautiful aromas into their range of soaps and body lotions. The Charcoal You Smell Good soap acts as a scrub as well as a skin deodoriser and cleanser. The Happy Feet Soap with tea tree, peppermint and lemon peel sounds like just the thing after we’ve stepped into a puddle.

    Price: Soaps at INR 250


    With herbs, plants and flowers grown in their own farm or sourced from reliable growers, Iraya pays attention to how ingredients are sourced. Vegetable oils are cold-pressed, Ayurvedic oils are wood-fired. The mild stinging when we got shampoo lather in our eyes was a good sign that the lime in the Black Tea & Lime Shampoo comes from actual citrus. They also do soaps, oils, scrubs and salves that solve all our problems.

    Price: Products range from INR 335 to INR 795.

    Tatha Life


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    This one looks like an apothecary! Other than hair care and skin care, Tatha also does mineral makeup and a special line for men. We’re impressed by their Lavender Eye Serum, their cork-top glass bottle hair oils & shampoos, and their very waxy lip balms.

    Price: Lip balms start at INR 250, face care products between INR 475 and INR 950, hair care products between INR 550 to INR 1,890.


    With all-natural fair trade ingredients, biodegradable packaging and water-based inks used on labels and stationery, Omved is very very good. Other than soaps, gels, scrubs and soaks, they also do organic towels and natural hot/cold compresses. We tried one of their creams which was lusciously buttery and very kind to our skin.

    Price: Products are between 270 and 1,190

    Just Herbs

    Just Herbs

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    Well, they don’t waste words, do they? Just Herbs is free from not only the usual paraben stuff, but also does not use any genetically modified ingredients when it comes to picking the fruit or herbs used in their products. Suspiciously familiar packaging, but we’re excited by new creations like the Neem-Orange Ayurvedic Face Wash

    Price: Skin and hair products are in the INR 325 – 475 range.


    Made with hemp oil from plants grown in the Himalayan foothills, Satliva is completely natural. Known to be a great moisturiser for skin and hair, hemp is vastly underrated as a skincare ingredient. We're excited to try out their creations like the Hemp With Neroli Bodybutter, Hemp With Shea Butter Soap Bar and Hemp With Avocado Hair Oil.

    Price: Prices range from INR 279 to INR 2,350

    Greenberry Organics

    All-natural, certified organic, eco-friendly and paraben-free, Greenberry Organics has a whole lot to recommend it! We're loving the fact that they're socially conscious too, that's about giving back to the community as well. Shop their Detox Charcoal Facewash, Day & Night Lotion and Organic Onion Blackseed Hair Oil, available on LBB.

    Price: Prices range from INR 399 - INR 849

    Hydra By Ambika

    Hydra By Ambika

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    Handmade, organic, natural are just some of the buzz words to describe Hydra By Ambika. We're fans of their indulgent body butters and hair masks that give your skin and hair that deep nourishment it craves without the addition of harmful chemicals. Plus, did we mention that the packaging is pretty nice too!

    Price: Body butters at INR 1200, hair mask at INR 1100, and face cleanser at INR 900