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The Mindful Foodie's Guide | Snacks, Dips & Baked Goodies

Suchita posted on 6th January

By Suchita S. & Jia Singh 

If you're looking to switch your foodie ways to things that are less likely to, colloquially put, put junk-in-the-trunk, or are just healthier, you're in good company. We've both suffered gluten and lactose intolerance respectively and given our predicament, we're perpetually on the lookout for places that cater to those looking for a more wholesome approach to eating.

Fortunately, whether it's organic, natural, gluten free, chemical free, nutritious, or just down-right healthy food, there's been a movement of sorts in Delhi which caters closely to the, simply put, 'mindful' Delhiwaala. From produce, to sauces, dips, poultry and meat - you name it, you'll find a store, home-baker or bazaar that'll cater to every conscious gourmand's needs. And here's a handful of them to get you started. Note: Always check the label for ingredients!

We start with stores, home-bakers and organic grub makers from whom you can get an array of snacks and foods to nibble on between meals. Looking for restaurants and produce - we'll have a  list up tomorrow!

Nourish Organics | 30, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony; 011 49051184 You'll find health bars made using fruit, nuts and seeds, honey-coated nuts and trail mixes, granola and cereal, dry fruits and savoury snacks. We recommend the amaranth and aniseed bar, and dried figs and apricots.

Find their Facebook page, here.

Grainny's | 234/2, Sector 12, Gurgaon; 0124 411 037 You'll find nutritious bars, ladoos and savoury snacks, all made using whole grains, millets, crushed nuts, natural sweeteners and oils, and fruit. Also, keep a look out for their baked goods - the banana cake toasties have quite a following. We are keen to try the Hullu Gullo ladoos.

Find their Facebook Page, here.

C Green Foods; Himanshu Kapoor | You'll find oat and walnut and ragi cookies; amaranth and flax and peanut ladoos; amaranth and brown rice namkeen, and peanut chutney- which is a health-food bakers trusted coating ingredient. We recommend the oat and walnut cookies.

Where | Store list here.

Find their Facebook page, here.

The Gourmet Jar | 8A, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi; 91 9560077622 You'll find sweet and savoury jams and relishes such as Spicy Onion Balsamic Relish, Apple Pie Jam, Fig Orange Liqueur Jam and Mango Jalapeño Preserve, all made using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. We recommend the Orange Apricot Brandy Marmalade.

Find their Facebook page, here.

Wingreens | You'll find fresh vegetables and herbs sourced straight from farmers, homemade dips and sauces, dried herbs such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, and now, herb-filled olive oils. We recommend the rosemary hummus and garlic dip.

Where | Find the store list here

Find their Facebook page here.

Chez Nini breads & cold-pressed juices |  79-80, Ground Floor, Meherchand Market; 011 49050665, 011 490506 You'll find artisanal breads including rye bread with coriander seeds, organic Indian whole wheat bread, and whole wheat and flax seed bread, among others. Cold pressed juices include beetroot and carrot juices, and a green juice. We recommend the whole wheat and flax seed bread.

Find their Facebook page, here.

Miss Chhotees | +91 9810544565;

You'll find homemade sauces, dips and spreads including peri-peri, olive tapenade, pesto and hummus - all made using fresh produce. We recommend the peri-peri sauce.

Find their Facebook page here.

Organic German Bakery | 011 64620222, +91 99718 83225;; You'll find a massive range of breads, pastries, croissants, dinner rolls, cheese and meats on offer. Drop them an email to get a chance to browse through their fairly exhaustive list. We recommend the classics - multigrain whole wheat bread, and we're keen on trying the whole wheat tagliatelle and Auroville cheese.

Sewara Chutneys | +91 8588843304/ 9540761712; You'll find a host of delicious and, most importantly, fresh products that range from produce to dips and oils. We recommend the salts flavoured with celery or porcini, gnocchi, ravioli, an assortment of infused olive oils, sauces, dips and spices.

Blue Tokai Coffee | You'll find organic certified coffee sourced from Balmaadi Estate {Tamil Nadu}, M.S. Estate {Karnataka}, Decaf Arabica from Bolivia, and Yellikodige {Karnataka} Estate Arabica. We recommend the M.S. Estate organic certified coffee.

Where | M.S. Estate is available at Altitude Store & The Kirana Shop. The rest can be ordered off their website here.

The Kirana Shop | 131 Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony; 011 4905 1822 You'll find just about everything - veggies, dips and sauces, honey, snacks, beauty products, teas, coffee, whole grains and gluten-free and organic flour. We recommend the organic honey and teas, especially the Rose-Hip & Mint Tea.

Find their Facebook page, here.

Altitude | 110 Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony; 11 49050404 You'll find just about everything {too!} - veggies, organic meats, baked goods, whole grains, flour, spreads, lentils, sweeteners, herbs and more. We recommend the organic meats and poultry.

Find their Facebook page, here.

Whole Foods | You'll find roasted, low-cal snacks made using puffed grains, cereals and nuts, baked crackers, gur coated nuts, gluten-free cookies, low GI flour and breakfast cereal. We recommend the khatta-meetha mix and multigrain bhel.

Where | Store list here.

Find their Facebook page, here. 

Missisippy | Goodrej Natures Basket stores around the city You'll find muesli, cookies and savoury snacks {puffed and flavoured lentils} in an array of flavours. All products are made naturally, are wholesome and ready to eat. We recommend the honey and flaxseed cookies and coffee hazelnut muesli.

Find their Facebook page, here.

Antidote | +91 9717412218/9717412318 You'll find cold pressed juices aimed at cleansing or rebooting the system. You could read more about them here. We recommend the 1 day skinny down cleanse.

Note | They deliver in Gurgaon, but orders from Delhi need to be picked up from Malcha Marg.

Find their Facebook page here.

Minimimi | +91 9810471385 {for orders} You'll find spiced nuts, gluten-free brownies, pancake mix and cakes {which are also available in cupcake form}. Minimimi offers a great variety of gluten-free goodies made from scratch. We recommend the spiced nuts for mid-day munchies.

Petite Sweet Eats |; +91 9810162717 You'll find cakes, cookies, cupcakes and bars that are naturally gluten and preservative free, low carb and sugar free. {PS: These are made by Jia!} We recommend the gluten & sugar free peanut butter cookies and caramel custard.

Find their Facebook page, here.

Himalayan Organic Cheese |; +91 9419045420 You'll find Gouda {in a range of flavours}, grated Gouda and Kalari. We recommend the Black Pepper Gouda.

Check out the product list here.

Meenu Nageshwaran | +91 9650650333, 011 42657781/83 You'll find vegan-friendly products such as almond milk {unsweetened}, cashew milk {unsweetened}, freshly ground peanut butter and cashew butter, spreads, peanut yoghurt and more. We recommend the freshly ground peanut butter. It's creamy and made without butter.

Find the Facebook page, here.  

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