These Markets, Cafes & Activities Will Help You Go Organic In Delhi

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The Delhi organic food scene is growing fast as more and more people see the health and environmental benefits of eating organic. But living organic is more than culinary choices, it’s a lifestyle. Getting bored of eating the same old meals? Want to see what the buzz is all about for yourself? Check out these awesome spots for the tastiest produce and best organic experiences in town.

Gurgaon Farmers’ Market

If you want the most authentic experience you have to go directly to the source, and there’s no better place than the Gurgaon Farmers’ Market. It’s the oldest organic bazaar in town, and it’s stuck around this long for a reason. Come down and chat with the farmers, learn about how they grow their fruits and veggies, and pick up the freshest produce while you’re there. One part experience, one part grocery run, any organic food fan would love the Gurgaon Farmers’ Market.

The Earth Collective's Organic & Natural Lifestyle Market

Run by The Earth Collective, a group of organic foodies and farmers committed to making a change by promoting holistic eating habits and sustainable growing practices, this market at the Sunder Nursery is the place for organic food aficionados to mingle, learn more about where your food comes from, and pick up some tasty treats for yourself.

Asola Lake Hikes

If you’re tired of the sticky summer heat and need a change of scenery, pack up the car with a fresh organic picnic and some good friends and head on over to Asola Lake for a beautiful, bucolic hike and a little fresh air. We recommended joining one of the guided nature walks with the Conservation Education Centre {CEC}, you can contact them through their Facebook page here. And the best part? It’s only an hour south of central Delhi.

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